Careers and Internships at Prescott College

“Thank you again for taking the time to help me out, and for following up with these great resources!” -Environmental Studies Graduate

Career Services at Prescott College starts as soon as you begin to get to know your faculty and continues through your academic career, and as an alumni. We strive to provide the information, contacts and resources to our enrolled students and alumni so that each individual can direct their own path. Guidance is available along the way at the Career Services office, as well as through faculty, alumni, and others on campus.

At Prescott College, you will compile an E-Portfolio

a compilation of all your academic work, which allows you to provide future prospective employers with the relevant experience and knowledge base you have obtained through your Prescott College education. You leave Prescott College with a resume of experience, not just a transcript of courses taken.

At Prescott College, instructors really get to know you

One of the greatest assets of a Prescott College education is the development of close working relationships with several faculty members who are well-connected in their fields. This provides direct access to opportunities for jobs and graduate fellowships, as well as the familiarity that allows faculty to write effective letters of reference.

At Prescott College, our alumni want to help you

Part of the Prescott College experience involves multiple layers and opportunities for mentoring. In addition to mentored course studies, many graduates volunteer time to be available to current students as a career mentor.  See the ASK Career Network for more information.

At Prescott College, our longtime faculty have established connections in their field

Prescott College faculty have access to jobs and internship opportunities that aren't published on the major search engines. Sign in at MyPrescott and click on "employment" to view.


Internship Opportunities

An internship gives the student a chance to apply their classroom learning in a real-world professional environment. Prescott College has a variety of internships opportunities available that students can apply to, with additional opportunities constantly coming in. Internships can be done during the school year, alongside other classes, or during the summer.

In addition to the opportunities that Prescott College has through its own networks, students are encouraged to seek out appropriate internship experiences on their own. Working with faculty advisers, they can then build a meaningful learning framework consistent with their degree plan, which will integrate with their work and earn credit toward their degree.

One source of internships is Arizona Serve, a program of Prescott College that implements federal AmeriCorps grants. Students selected for this program can participate in national service by serving at local non-profits and public sector institutions, working in areas such as education, equine therapy, and homelessness... all while earning college credit through a Civic Leadership practicum. Students can also access our Facebook page to identify career services.

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